Following a Public Hearing Tuesday morning, the Juneau County Board unanimously approved the County’s 2013 Budget of 30-million dollars.  The tax levy was set at 11.4-million with a mil rate of $6.07 per $1000 of valuation, an increase of 7-cents.  Finance Committee Chairperson Supervisor Jerry Niles said during the Public Hearing, “we balanced the budget with no furlough days for the employees plus we increased the contingency fund by $350,000, as recommended by the auditor.”  Niles and Board Chairman Alan Peterson thanked the Department heads with helping to balance the budget.  Juneau County Finance Director Lori Chipman said, “For 2013, the counties are limited to increase their tax levies by the amount of new construction.  Juneau County’s new construction was .857%, so we are only able to increase our levy by .857% in dollars over the 2012 Budget, or $94,775.”