The Juneau County Board approved 15 land sales at its meeting Tuesday morning. The total of all the sales equaled over $96,500. Lands, Forestry, Parks and Zoning Committee Chairperson Ed Wafle said that the county was able to pay back about $40,000 in delinquent taxes and still netted about $56,000 on those properties. Wafle said they have 12 tax delinquent properties left. All the land sales were approved unanimously.

The county board also approved:

  • Authorizing Juneau County to provide oversight to the Regional Board of the ADRC of Eagle Country and the designation of Finance Director Lori Chipman as Fiscal Agent for the region.
  • The hiring of a full-time Comprehensive Community Services Facilitator, full-time Comprehensive Community Services Facilitator/Community Support Program Case Manager, full-time Children Long Term Support Waiver Social Worker in the Department of Human Services. All positions will be funded by state and/or federal funding, and in the event such funding ceases in the future, the positions will be terminated.