A Juneau County judge has denied a motion to dismiss the sexual assault case for a Lyndon Station man whose trial last July ended in a mistrial. On Monday morning, Circuit Judge John Roemer told Daniel Coughlin’s attorney he believed his earlier decision to declare a mistrial and deny a motion to dismiss the case with prejudice was correct. There was also a motion to have attorney fees paid for on behalf of Coughlin. Judge Roemer said that Coughlin must apply with the State Public Defender’s Office before any action can be taken on attorney fees and on appointing an attorney for Coughlin for the second trial.  “Clearly there are additional attorney fees in this particular case that are going to accrue for the second trial. But at this point I don’t believe that we have crossed the Rubicon, yet,” said Judge Roemer. “In terms of that, I do know that there is a statutory procedure that is to be utilized.” The next hearing will be a telephone conference on March 19th at 8:15AM.