Herb Dannenberg of the Juneau County Agricultural, Industrial, and Recreation Society updated the County Board Tuesday morning. Dannebberg said, “Currently a circus is setting up in one of the buildings at the fairgrounds in Mauston for two performances tonight.” He said, “JC-AIRS has two near-term projects. A charitable division of Gasser Construction is donating the construction of a new road to the fairgrounds. It will start at Hess Street and continue through the city section at Veteran’s Memorial Park with future potential off-shoots to the county land which is now used for parking. Also two of the three entries into the fairgrounds will be closed. The hospital has requested a foot path from the health facility to the fairgrounds.” Dannenberg said, “A second short-term project is the tearing down of the old grandstand. Since the roof was removed a few years ago, some of the timbers are rotten. Donations of approximately $150,000 have been given for a new replacement grandstand. It would be set back approximately 25 to 30 feet to enlarge the arena for the rodeo and tractor pulls.” Dannenberg said, “The new grandstand would be similar to the visitor’s side at the school.”