It all started by watch the Incredibles 2, it ended with a Camp Douglas man being tasered and facing charges of Physical Abuse of A Child, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest.  On July 10th Mauston Police Department received a call from a man claiming his 15 year old niece was being punched in the face by 36 year old Carlos Patzan.  Patzan was ordered out of the vehicle and to get on the ground.  Patzan exited the vehicle but allegedly came towards the cop yelling “what”.  The officer againt told the subject to get on the ground or he could be tased.  Patzan allegedly told the officer “Go ahead homie”.  The officer ordered him to the ground twice more but Patzan allegedly refused.  The officer then had to forcibly try to detain Patzan, it was at this time the taser was used on Patzan for resisting arrest.  Patzan was still able to resist arrest until backup arrived.  The 15 year old victim told police that they all had gone to see the movie Incredibles 2.  Patzan allegedly snuck in alcohol to the movie and became drunk.  They stopped at a gas station and Patzan said he wanted to steal alcohol, according to the victim.  Patzan was in the back seat of the 2 door vehicle and the victim would not allow Patzan to exit.  Patzan then became angry and starting allegedly hitting the 15 year old girl.  Patzan had a .207 blood alcohol content.