Are you a Monroe or Juneau County landowner? If so, you may qualify for a VIP ride along at the Inaugural Cranberry Crawl at the new Quarry Meadows Off-Road Park just outside of Tomah. Call the number below for details!

The WC4WD (Wisconsin Coalition of Four Wheel Drives) is seeking additional landowners to continue building its off-road base in the Driftless region. Their goal is to have several properties all within a half hour of each other for cross events and varied trails. Terry Whipple, of Quarry Meadows, says he is very satisfied with the arrangement. “It takes the parts of your land that is unusable and makes it useable and accessible. With the new trails created by WC4WD, it is now better for wildlife and I’ve been able to get to parts of my land that I haven’t been able to before”.

The WC4WD has been clearing land and building trails for the last 2 years at Quarry Meadows and it’s time for an actual, fun offroad event! This private and association partnership is the first of its kind in Monroe County. Terry Whipple, owner of Quarry Meadows, has offered his land as an example of how the offroad group partners with land owners to create tourism opportunities in the area. Sub-lease funds are available from  WC4WD in the form of annual payments based on trail length, contiguous trails and quality of trails.

Besides direct revenue and land improvement possibilities for landowners, from a local economic perspective, it is estimated that each individual offroad member would spend an average of $566 per day with purchases on lodging, food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, gas, etc. This positively impacts the local economy and helps ease the local tax base.

Insurance and annual lease fees are provided by WC4WD. The group closely monitors all events that it sponsors and works with landowners to market their property for the Offroad tourism market. If you are interested in a ride along or simply visiting Quarry Meadows during Cranberry Crawl, contact Terry or Tamaya at the Juneau County EDC offices at 608-427-2070. The event will take place on September 11 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. VIP ride along slots are very limited, so call today!