An Arlington Heights, Illinois man has been ordered to pay additional restitution to a homeowners association. As treasurer for the May’s Point Waterfront Community in the Town of Germantown, 49-year-old Ronald Barnas had purchased numerous personal items with the association’s funds, made numerous cash withdrawals, and failed to pay his required dues for several years. In April 2011, Barnas entered a plea and was convicted of a misdemeanor theft charge. Barnas was ordered to pay restitution of $4,000. The total damages sustained to the association were over $8,100. The plaintiff, May’s Point Waterfront Community, requested a civil judgment for the balance. In Small Claims Court last Friday, Juneau County Judge Paul Curran granted in favor of the homeowners association and against the defendant for $3,800 plus defense attorney fees, calling Barnas a “shameless scoundrel”.