A Baraboo woman, 59-year old Jan Liske, was taken into custody for a hit and run incident that occurred in the City of Mauston.  Police said Sunday afternoon Liske was involved in a crash at the intersection of Highway 82 and Kennedy Street on the City’s east side.   Liske backed into another vehicle after striking a car in front of her. Liske failed to notify police of the crash and left the accident scene.  A State Trooper located the Liske car on Highway 12/16 near Rocky Arbor and arrested her for OWI-2nd offense.  She was transported to Mile Bluff Medical Center for a blood draw then transported to the Juneau County Jail.    Mauston PD has cited Liske for ‘failure to notify police of accident’, ‘improper right turn’, ‘unsafe backing’, and ‘failure to keep vehicle under control’.  Her fines totaled $606.20.