contributed…(Madison, Wisconsin), November 21, 2012 – Producers who have been directed by Federal or State Regulatory Agencies to remove their raw milk from the commercial market because of contamination due to no fault of the producer, such as aflatoxin in the feed, may be eligible to participate in the Dairy Indemnity Payment Program (DIPP).  To be eligible to participate in DIPP, producers will need to provide the following to their local County FSA Office:

  • A completed CCC-373 “Dairy Indemnity Payment Program (DIPP) Application”. This will show the number of cows milked, pounds marketed in the base and claim periods, milking practices, etc.
  • Letter explaining how the milk was contaminated.
  • Documentation from Federal or State Regulatory Agencies showing “removal” from the market as well as “reinstatement” to the market.
  • Base period production from the milk handler or the full month of production prior to the milk being dumped.
  • Claim period production from the milk handler or the month during which the milk was removed from market.
  • Certify Highly Erodible & Wetland Conservation Compliance

Producers who suffered losses October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012, have until December 31, 2012, to file an application for DIPP.  Producers suffering losses from October 1, 2012, through March 27, 2013, must file an application by close of business on March 27, 2013, to be eligible.

Payment of DIPP applications is contingent upon the authority and availability of funds to pay the claims. Claims will be paid from available funds on a first-come, first-serve basis on the date the claims were approved. Approval of the claims will continue until all funds have been exhausted. Claims received after the funds have been exhausted will not be paid. Affected producers should contact the Juneau County FSA office (608) 847 7221 or visit for more information about DIPP.