Three men and one juvenile have been cited for trespassing in the Township of Kildare. Police say the victim was in the process of selling her residence on County Road N. She told the deputy that her realtor was showing the house when the agent found four men inside. The victim told the deputy no one had permission to be there, besides her realtor. When searching the home, the deputy found two inflatable mattresses and some personal property that didn’t belong to the victim. There was an unknown vehicle still in the driveway with an Illinois license plate. The vehicle did not come up as stolen, and the owners said that their son, 19-year-old Vincent Korwin, had taken the vehicle to go up with some friends to Wisconsin Dells and stay at one of the friend’s aunt’s place. The deputy then asked the victim if there was anyone that she knew in Illinois that would be on her property. She replied that she had a sister, but she hadn’t talked to her in years. The deputy made contact with the sister. She said she had given her son, 19-year-old Stefan Woloshyn, a key to the place, even though her sister owned the residence. The deputy told the victim’s sister that Woloshyn, Korwin, 19-year-old Brent Leinonen, and the 16-year-old friend would all be cited for trespassing.