The former City of Adams Police Chief wants to go on the record.  Todd Hanson says, “This wasn’t the City’s issue with me.  It was my issue with the City and I believe they didn’t want to publicize the dirty laundry.  I can’t go public with the details because that was requested by the City and included in the separation agreement I signed in February.”  Hanson also said, “I wasn’t on a leave of absence from February to June.  The separation agreement was filed in February and the City agreed to pay my wages and benefits until June 2013.”  Hanson was placed on paid administrative leave in January 2013 and by the end of February had signed a separation agreement with the City of Adams.  Hanson said he and his wife still live in Adams and remain a part of the community.  He is a member of the Lions Club and will be participating in the Adams County Relay for Life event this weekend.  He also works part-time for Adams County Promise Neighborhood.  An initiative funded with a federal grant to help improve the education and health of community members from ‘cradle to college’.