Family and friends of Bob Holig gathered Friday morning at his farm at the Intersection of 'K' and 'O' south of Mauston.

Friday morning friends and family of a local farmer gathered south of Mauston to help with the fall harvest.  51-year old Bob Holig suffered a stroke earlier this month as he was preparing to combine.  Friends of the family, Dave Seitz and Pete Treml, organized the gathering to tackle his corn harvest.  Holig’s brother-in-law, Carl Miller, says, “9 combines, 10 buggies, and 14 trucks will harvest the 320-acres in one day.”  Miller says, “Holig remains in I.C.U. in Marshfield.  I talked with Joanie, Bob’s wife, this morning.  He had a good night.  They took the ventilator out.  He’s breathing on his own now.  He can move his left leg and left arm and his right leg.  He still can’t talk.  And his right arm’s not moving.  But they think with rehabilitation, they can bring most of that back.”