Extreme hot weather is forecasted for the next few days.  Sauk County Emergency Management and Public Health officials are urging everyone to be aware of the dangers associated with extreme heat and take protective measures.  Sustained temperatures near or in excess of 90-degrees pose a risk of heat-related illness and death, especially when humidity levels exceed 65-percent.  General symptoms of heat exhaustion include fainting, rash, fatigue and nausea.  Skin may become clammy and moist or hot and dry.  The onset of heat stroke can be rapid and may progress to life-threatening illness within minutes.  Officials recommend drinking more fluids during hot weather to avoid dehydration.  Spend the hottest part of the day in a cool, preferably air-conditioned place.  Plan strenuous activities during the coolest part of the day. Take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath to reduce body temperatures.  Make frequent checks on the status of elderly or ill relatives or neighbors and move them to an air-conditioned environment during the hottest part of the day.  And make sure animals have cover from the sun and have plenty of water available.