District attorney filed charges against an Elroy man after alleged victim changed her mind. According to the criminal complaint, in August 2011 48-year-old Matthew Litty allegedly got into a verbal argument with his then girlfriend at a residence in the City of Elroy about some infidelity issues. She became scared, grabbed her cell phone, and attempted to run to the neighbor’s residence. Litty allegedly slammed her foot in the door and took her cell phone away. She was able to run to the neighbor’s to call for help. Later, the victim called the deputy and stated she did not want to continue with the complaint and asked the deputy to drop the charges. Apparently the couple had agreed to part ways. The deputy said he had to pursue the legally filed report. Litty has been charged with disorderly conduct and intimidation of a victim – dissuade reporting. He is summoned to appear in court on October 5th, 2011.