Elizabeth Colwell of Mauston TNT 4-H Club and Natasha Reynolds of Orange Mill 4-H Club have been selected as the Juneau County, Wisconsin 4-H Key Award winners for this year. The Key Award was presented by Kipp Weber, Juneau County Farm Bureau President, at the Juneau County 4-H Recognition Program held on January 28, 2023 at the Elroy Theater.


The prestigious Key Award, one of the highest recognition a 4-H member can receive, honors a select group of 4-H participants annually. The youth receiving this award are ones who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied their leadership skills, and actively participated in their club and community.


According to April Martell, Juneau County Positive Youth Development Educator with UW-Madison Division of Extension, this year’s winners exemplify the goals and values of the Wisconsin 4-H Program. 


“Elizabeth Colwell and Natasha Reynolds have been life members in Juneau County 4-H. They have participated at every level possible including leadership positions plus local and state competitions, all while serving as mentors and role models for our younger 4-H members. Their commitment to living out the 4-H motto (To Make the Best Better) is seen in everything they do. The life skills they take with them from their time in 4-H will no doubt shape their future.”


Key Award recipients are high school students with at least three years of experience in 4-H and one year as a youth leader. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau and Rural Mutual Insurance Company sponsor the Wisconsin 4-H Key Award program. They have sponsored these awards for over 30 years, helping 4-H to honor some of Wisconsin’s finest youth.