Amish men prior to speaking before the meeting on Wisconsin Energy Planning at the State Capitol in Madison Tuesday afternoon.

A bus full of local concerned and active citizens headed to Madison Tuesday to speak against the proposed high voltage power lines.   The riders were Amish men and other land owners in Vernon and Juneau counties, quiet spoken, and knowledgeable about the issues.  They’re promoting spending the multi-million dollars on green energy and conservation instead of high voltage power lines and multi-story power poles.  Representatives of the Amish community spoke at the Capitol Tuesday afternoon in Madison at the informational meeting on Wisconsin Energy Planning hosted by State Senators Dale Schultz and Jennifer Shilling.  The Amish do not use electricity on their farms and are opposed to the high voltage power lines because of the effects of stray voltage.  Director of the Citizens Utility Board, Charlie Higley, told the legislatures and the standing room only crowd that between 1975 and 199 utilities had to work together in the open.  But the state law changed in 1997 during the wave of deregulation and Wisconsin was back to 1975.  Utilities are now planning in secret with no public review of plans prior to the proposals and requests for construction permits being submitted to the Public Service Commission.



Standing room only crowd in Room 411 South in the Wisconsin State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.