Following an incident in the City of Adams last week, an Adams man was placed on a probation hold.  Police said 19-year old Allen Lamont and 22-year old Joshua McEvilla had created a disturbance at an apartment building in the 900-block of West State Street in the City of Adams.  Investigation revealed both men were loud and swearing and allegedly urinated on the door of one of the apartments.  The two were located at the Kwik Trip in Adams and admitted urinating on the door.  The officer could smell an odor of marijuana but both denied smoking it.  Lamont allegedly had a pot pipe in his possession.  A search also revealed a long bladed knife beneath his jacket. Both men were arrested for disorderly conduct.  Lamont was placed on a probation hold.  McEvilla was also charged with bail jumping.  Both men were transported to the Adams County Jail.