A Mauston man was arrested in New Lisbon Saturday for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  An officer had approached 40-year old Richard Beck and his girlfriend, 30-year old Ashley Horton.  They were walking towards downturn New Lisbon when he allegedly slapped her in the face and pushed her away.  Beck was arrested and transported to the Juneau County Jail.  Horton was taken into custody for a child support warrant.  When both Beck and Horton were at the jail in holding cells, they continued to use profane language and yell at each other.  While trying to restrain Beck, the jailer used a Taser gun and struck Beck in the arm after he kicked the jailer in the stomach.  During bond hearings Monday afternoon, Beck’s bail was set at a $5000 signature bond and he’s to maintain absolute sobriety.  Horton’s bail was set at a $1000 signature bond and they are to have no violent contact with each other.