Mauston City Administrator Nathan Thiel reads the Mayoral Proclamation recognizing Shari Crawford at Mauston City Hall Friday morning.


Family and fellow school crossing guards gathered Friday morning at Mauston City Hall to recognize Shari Crawford for 22-years of service.  Crawford joined the Mauston PD as a crossing guard in September 1991 and has served at the same location at West Side Elementary School.  As the Proclamation states, she has served as Lead Crossing Guard for many years.  In addition to her duties during the regular school year, Crawford also performed her duties during summer school and special events.  She has withstood rain, snow, sleet, heat, wind, impatient drivers, rowdy teenagers, oblivious young children, and multiple road construction projects.  And she added Friday morning, unfriendly dogs. Crawford wants to thank all for their acts of kindness.   Future plans include babysitting a new grandchild.