Some residences in the City of New Lisbon were out of power for over 7-hours Friday night as a result of a traffic crash.  Police said about 5pm 23-year old Todd Sanborn of New Lisbon was traveling north on Highway 80.  As he crossed the railroad tracks near U.S. Highway 12/16 , the brakes failed.  Sanborn told the officer, the next thing he knew he was crashing into signs and then a pole.  Investigation revealed the vehicle had gone through an island on Highway 80 and Highway 12/16 and struck signs maintained by the Juneau County Highway Department.  The vehicle then crossed Highway 12/16, also known as Adams Street, and struck a City of New Lisbon municipal electric pole.  The pole broke at the base and was being held by the wires.  The wires needed emergency repair in order to restore power to the City of New Lisbon as well as reopen the highways.  After hitting the power pole, the vehicle continued and struck a green box owned by Lemonweir Telephone Company.  Mediacom also had fiber optic cable on the pole that was struck.  Further investigation revealed Sanborn had been driving on a suspended license.  A search of the car revealed a pot pipe and a container of synthetic marijuana called K2.  Sanborn told the officer he had just recently put new brakes on his car about 3-weeks ago.  Sanborn was arrested and transported to the Juneau County Jail.