In a joint press release, Mauston Mayor Brian McGuire and City Administrator Nathan Thiel said, “The City of Mauston did not rush to an agreement the Public Works Department.  The city was well into the process and close to finishing negotiations when the governor brought forward the budget repair legislation.  The contract should have been in place January 1st, 2011.”  McGuire and Thiel go on to say in the press release, “Public works employees did make significant concessions including no pay increase this year, contributions to insurance in years two and three, and significant changes to the overtime calculation.  The city’s whole approach was to make a graceful transition for its employees.”  They said, “The governor’s bill greatly restricts the city’s ability to govern how and when to compensate employees.  The governor’s bill is aimed at balancing the budget by taking a portion of shared revenue for the state’s deficit.”