The Circle of Hope has provided an end of the year review for 2012.  Representative for the non-profit group, Eva Woywod , says, “In 2012 Circle of Hope provided a roof over the head of 73-people from Juneau county.  We paid for 23-gas cards and assisted 11-people with rental payments so they wouldn’t become homeless.  We helped 12 with utility payments and one person by paying for medications.  We did this with merely $10, 886.12.  This does not include the hundreds who received items of need through our Grateful Hearts program such as dignity items, toiletries and household cleaning supplies, clothing, and household items.  We are 100-percent all volunteers.  Thank you for all of your support!”  Woywod said, “The $10,866.12 does not include money spent to keep the Grateful Hearts program running, such as utilities at the building on Prospect Avenue in the City of Mauston.  Nor does it include our administrative costs for the phone or advertising.”