iLEAD Charter School students Paige Waits and Anne Houy

Two iLEAD Charter School students researched and published a family cookbook with low cost recipes.  It took students, Paige Waits and Anne Houy, six weeks to research and chose a variety of low-budget breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that cost 80-cents per serving.  The goal of the cookbook is to provide budget friendly recipes for a family of four for approximately $75 per week.  The girls said, “the cookbook costs $10 with 80-percent of the proceeds going to Circle of Hope, a local non-profit organization that collects clothes and personal items for people who need help.  The other 20-percent of the proceeds goes to the next iLEAD Charter School project or more cookbooks.”  The girls want to thank Phillips Pharmacy for its generous donation that provided the paper, ink, printing, and binding for the 50-cookbooks.  Circle of Hope spokesperson, Eva Woywod says, “the iLEAD Charter School students will be traveling to Madison on January 30th, 2013 to visit the new warming shelter, Goodman Community Center, and the Homeless Resource Center, and learn the difference between urban and rural homelessness.”