New Lisbon Schools Family and Consumer Education teacher updated the New Lisbon School Board Monday night on her curriculum.  Mrs. Rachel Morey said, “This is my 9th year of teaching in New Lisbon.  I engage 100% of my students 100% of the time and teach teamwork.”  Her classes include eating habits and nutrition.  Because of the growth of the hospitality and tourism industry, she introduces her students to food service skills.  Also a greater percentage of American families are eating in restaurants or fast food.  Her two-credit food class is also recognized by Western Technical College.  Mrs. Morey teaches how to create a functional family, whether it’s the traditional two parent family, a blended family, or a single-parent family, is it performing the functions of a family?  Mrs. Morey also teaches students resourceful living, money management, and not spending more than their earnings.  She also teaches character education, life skills, and emphasizes community service through the largest student organization in the New Lisbon Schools called G.I.V.E.