Two women have been charged in Adams County as a result of a bar fight.  According to the criminal complaint, on May 15th, 2013 an Arkdale woman, 41-year old Crystal Kylloe, was at Dave’s Escape in the Town of Big Flats celebrating her birthday with a friend, 42-year old Christine Pritzl of Hancock.  Kylloe accused another woman, 28-year old Brandy Madison of Camp Douglas, of sleeping with her husband.  Madison denied the accusation and the three women got into a pushing match and started pulling each other’s hair.  Video reveals Madison going limp and falling to the floor.  A doctor at UW-Hospital tells authorities that Madison suffered a cardiac arrest due to a heart rhythm disturbance.  Madison was born with an inherited pre-disposition and the stress from the altercation triggered the disturbance of her heart rhythm.  She had suffered a lack of oxygen to her brain when she had arrived by med-flight to UW-Hospital.  She also had aspirational pneumonia which was caused from her vomiting when she lost consciousness and the vomited material entered her lungs.  He also stated whoever performed CPR literally saved Madison’s life and she will likely lead a normal life.  Kylloe has been charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment.  Pritzl has been charged with being a party to the crime plus resisting an officer.  Both women’s bail was set at a $7500 signature bond.