A Juneau County deputy sent notices to Camp Douglas property owners or residents who are in violation of the Village’s property care and maintenance ordinance.  The owner or resident in the 100-block of Bluff Street violated the ordinance because of junk outside in the driveway near the trailer and a junk mattress by the road.  The property owner or resident has 15-days to rectify the violation or be fined $169.  Two property owners or residents in the 300-block of Main Street were sent letters.  One has 10-days to rectify a violation of an unlicensed black Chevy Blazer that’s for sale located on the property.  And a second property on Main Street is in violation because the back section of the residence has parts missing weather resistant siding and the house paint has worn down to the wood.  There is also a junk white van with an expired license plate on the property.  This property owner or resident has 30-days to rectify the violation before being fined $169.