Bushey in Juneau County Courtroom on October 18th, 2013

More than four years after being sentenced to the Wisconsin Prison System for hiding a corpse in the Town of Necedah, 63-year old Alan Bushey, also known as Bishop John Peter, was in a Juneau County Courtroom Friday afternoon.  Bushey has served 2-years of initial confinement and was in his third and final year of extended supervision, when his attorney filed a motion to terminate the remaining 7-months and a motion to vacate the original conviction.   Friday Bushey’s defense attorney and Juneau County District Attorney Mike Solovey brought forward an agreement before the court that would modify Bushey’s sentence.  The remaining several months of extended supervision would be terminated and the defendant would pay $10,000 within ten days and leave the State for Louisiana within 7-days.  If he doesn’t pay the $10,000 fine in 10-days, he would have to serve 200-days in the Juneau County Jail.   Judge John Roemer granted the request.  Judge Roemer presided over this case in July 2009.  Bushey was convicted of hiding the body of an elderly follower of a religious order, 90-year old Madeline Alvina Middlesworth, on a toilet for weeks.  Judge Roemer had said at the time of sentencing that Bushey’s actions had devastating effect of two young children in the house and denied Middlesworth a proper burial.   

Bushey in July 2009 being taken into custody following conviction in Juneau County Courtroom.