A Friendship man was arrested as a result of a burglary in the City of Adams last weekend.  Police said Friday night about 10:30pm 31-year old Kim Chavez was located near a residence that had been recently burglarized.  Chavez was in possession of several items reported stolen.  The victim had stopped Chavez who was riding a bicycle, and was holding him at gunpoint when the officer arrived.  The officer ordered the victim to place the revolver on the roof of a parked car and he complied.  Investigation revealed the suspect was in possession of several items reported stolen, including two Marlin .22-caliber rifles, a laptop computer, a cellular phone, and several prescription medications.  Chavez told the officer he was intoxicated and didn’t remember what happened.  A Preliminary Breath Test showed .175.  Chavez was arrested and transported to the Adams County Jail.