Representative Ed Brooks visits WRJC studios Tuesday morning.


50th Assembly Representative Ed Brooks stopped at the WRJC studios Tuesday morning.  Brooks talked about new legislation he authored to help the under-employed.  He explains, “It is a way to help people who are partially unemployed.  In other words, if your employer reduces your hours because of a downturn of orders, you still might be working 30-hours.  But you would be able to collect unemployment insurance for the 10-hours that you’re not working.  The bill includes a 6-month limitation over a 5-year period.  Kind of a stop gap thing, help people mitigate bad times and give the employer the opportunity of knowing his work force is still hanging together when orders do pick up.”  The bill currently sits on the Governor’s Desk, waiting for him to return from his trip to China and sign it.




The Bill currently sits on the Governor’s desk, waiting for him to return from his China trip and sign it.