Rep. Ed Brooks, Daylia Barreau, Julie Barreau, Photo credit: Jay Salvo, Photographer to the Wisconsin State Legislature

contributed…..Madison…Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg) joined assembly colleagues for inauguration of the 101st Legislative session.  Brooks had special guests for the ceremony joining him were his daughter Julie and granddaughter Daylia Barreau.  Daylia is in the fourth grade at Pineview Elementary in Reedsburg.

“It’s an honor to be part of the proud tradition of citizen-legislators that have been elected to represent their neighbors in the legislature from 1848 to now.  I’m happy that my daughter and granddaughter could join me for this inaugural ceremony.  I invite all school age children to make a trip to the Capitol to learn about our rich and interesting state history,” said Brooks.

Rep. Brooks begins is third term in office and will serve as chair of the Assembly Committee on Urban and Local Affairs, vice-chair of Public Safety and Homeland Security and has also been appointed to the Assembly Committees on Agriculture, Corrections and Veterans for the 2013-14 session.  Constituents are invited to contact Rep. Brooks with their thoughts and concerns by calling his Madison office toll free, 888-534-0050, or email

The State Assembly is comprised of 99 representatives including 60 Republicans and 39 Democrats. Twenty-four members are women, three representatives are African-American and one is Hispanic. 48 of the representatives have local government experience, this includes Rep. Brooks who serves as chair of the Town of Reedsburg.