A young man, who’s been arrested several times over the past year and been charged with bail jumping over 10- times, was in court Tuesday afternoon for a bail modification hearing.   Defense attorney for 18-year old Chad Bevan of Mauston told the court Bevan did not have the $1000 cash bond and he’s been incarcerated since his arrest last month for allegedly stealing a snowmobile.  Bevan and his co-defendant, Tiffany Coleman, were arrested by Juneau County detectives at a garage in the Town of Germantown.  The two had allegedly been a party to stealing the snowmobile, a chain saw, and other tools valued at $14,000.  Coleman was able to post her cash bond on March 22, 2013.  Tuesday afternoon, Bevan’s attorney requested a signature bond with conditions that Bevan resides with Coleman’s mother, Jacqueline Davis, at her residence in New Lisbon.  As Bevan sat sobbing in the courtroom, his attorney told Judge John Roemer that Bevan’s mother has a heart condition and may require surgery.  She is currently at a Fort Atkinson hospital.  Although Juneau County Assistant District Attorney Clifford Burdon objected, Judge Roemer agreed to modify the cash bond to a $10,000 signature bond with conditions that Bevan reside with Davis and she must co-sign the bond.