Larry Clark in custody in an Adams County Courtroom along with defense attorney James Connell and the Prosecution and Juneau County Judge Paul Curran.


A Big Flats man convicted of killing his mother was sentenced Friday afternoon in an Adams County Courtroom.  Juneau County Judge Paul Curran had presided over the jury trial earlier this month which found 61-year old Larry Clark guilty on all counts.  After sentencing Clark to life in prison with the possibility of extended supervision after 30-years, Judge Curran commented, “there’s a dim light at the end of the tunnel.”  Clark’s defense attorney had asked for extended supervision after 20-years and the prosecutor had requested a life sentence without parole.  Clark was credited with 920-days already served in the Adams County Jail.  The jury had found Clark guilty of 1st degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse, two counts of uttering a forgery, identity theft, and two counts of giving false information on a missing person.  Clark was sentenced to concurrent maximum sentences on all of the other six counts.  During the trial, the State presented evidence that Clark had shot his mother, Marcella Clark, in the back with a revolver while she stood in the kitchen of their shared residence in 2010.  Clark then left the body on a tarp in the woods on the property.  In the months that followed, Clark used his deceased mother’s checking accounts and credit cards to purchase food and other items at the local stores and lied when people asked about her whereabouts.  Before sentencing Judge Curran commented, “Clark is breathtaking lazy.  He did nothing to assist his mother to fix up the house.  It was a pigsty, and he was even too lazy to go to the outhouse to relieve himself.  He was too lazy to bury his mother’s body, to clean up the blood in the house, to fix the bullet holes in the wall, and did not dispose of the gun by throwing it into a creek or river.  Clark will be able to sit around and have indoor plumbing in prison.”