School starts Tuesday and WRJC would like to remind everyone of a few safety tips. Triple-A Wisconsin says a fundamental rule of the road, regarding buses, is to make sure that if the bus is stopped and they have the stop arm out, regardless of which direction you or the students are going, to treat that as a stop sign in all directions. Also, passing a school bus on the right is against the law in Wisconsin. Be aware of school zones, and the reduced speed limits in those areas.

There is also a one-year trial period in the ordinance in the City of Mauston with respect to bussing and picking up students at the school stops, according to Police Chief Mark Messer.

“The change is that buses will now be allowed to stop traffic on the state highways, specifically State Highway 82 or State Street in downtown and others, and in the area where there are curbs and gutters. In the past, they only picked up from one side, the curb side,” said Messer. “For this year’s trial basis, they’ll activate their red lights and stop bars, and people will have to stop from both lanes of traffic.”

Pickups should go a little bit faster, but drivers should use caution and allow time for congestion.

Also, tips for other people besides drivers:

Bus Riders: Please wait in a safe place for the bus to pick you up. Bus riding is very safe but there is still room to be cautious. The most dangerous time for bus riders is when they are entering or exiting the bus. Please make sure you can see the driver at all
times, that will help insure that the driver can also see you.

Walkers: Walk to school with a friend, if possible. Do not talk to strangers and always cross the street carefully.

Bike Riders: Wear your bike helmet, walk your bikes across intersections, and please follow the traffic laws.