A judge dismissed an ‘arson with intent to defraud’ charge against a Lena, Wisconsin man.  Following testimony Monday afternoon during a preliminary hearing, Juneau County Judge Paul Curran could not find probable cause that a felony had been committed and dismissed the case against 53-year old Curt Wassen without prejudice.  Wassen had been accused of starting a fire at a residence in the Town of Necedah in late December 2006 with intent to defraud the insurance company.  Juneau County Detective Randy Georgeson testified he had monitored a conversation between Joe Neduzak and Wassen where Wassen was threatening Neduzak if he talked about the fire.  In late 2006, Joe Neduzak, Brian Hulsey, and Curt Wassen had been working on Neduzak’s mother’s house and had been having problems.  On December 27th, 2006, Neduzak and Hulsey had been having problems while repairing the furnace when Wassen came down the stairs yelling, “we gotta go” and thirty minutes later Neduzak had gotten a call from his children saying the house was on fire.  The three men had talked before the fire how the house was a burden.  Judge Curran said, “No evidence has been provided that a fire was started with the intent to defraud the insurance company.”  He dismissed the case without prejudice meaing the District Attorney’s Office can recharge Wassen with a different charge.  Assistant D.A. Cliff Burdon commented after the hearing Monday afternoon, “I’ll review the evidence again with the detective and possibly recharge.”