contributed……Mauston, April 17, 2013 –  Each year, over 8 million Americans are victims of identity theft – that’s more people than the population of the state of Virginia!  Many of these individuals became easy targets because of improper disposal of sensitive paper documents. To help the members of our community minimize their risk of identity theft, The Bank of Mauston will host its third annual Shred It Day on Saturday, May 4 from 9 am to noon.  The Shred It truck will be located on the west side of the parking lot (Lincoln Street side) at the main bank location on Highway 82 in Mauston.  The event is FREE and open to the public to bring paper shred material for proper disposal.*   In addition to the Shred It event, The Greater Mauston Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mauston Police Department will also be offering their annual Medication Take Back Day.  There will be no questions asked – just bring all your unused prescription and over-the-counter drugs for proper and safe disposal.  For the past three years, the chamber, city and bank have partnered to offer this event to help make our community a safer place – won’t you join in!?    For more information regarding the Shred It event, call The Bank of Mauston at 608-847-6200.  For inquiries regarding the Medication Take Back event, contact The Greater Mauston Area Chamber of Commerce at 608-847-4142.

*Please note that no products for shredding should be left at the bank unattended – you need to stay with your documents until they are loaded onto the truck.  You can bring any paper material you would like shredded, with a maximum of three boxes per person.