Adams Council President Bill Kierstyn, City Administrator Bob Ellisor, Aldermen Len Suhr and Wilbur Jensen attended a Special Meeting Thursday morning. Mayor JanAlyn Baumgartner and Alderman Roger Marti particpated by phone. Also at the table is City Clerk/Treasurer Janet Winters.


During a Special Meeting Thursday morning, the Adams City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding with an Australian company, Global Environmental Infrastructure Technology Solutions, also known as GEITS.  In the agreement, the City of Adams transfers 45-acres of land to GEITS for its assembly, research and development, and implementation of its alternative energy products.  In return, the company will ultimately bring an undetermined amount of new jobs to the area.  The City also agrees to contract with GEITS in the amount of 2.9-million dollars to reduce the City’s waste water phosphorous levels as required by the DNR using the company’s innovative technology.   Adams City Administrator Bob Ellisor and Adams County Conservationist Chris Murphy met with DNR officials in Madison Thursday to discuss the public/private partnership.  Initially GEITS representatives came to Adams County a month ago to discuss the possibility of building a floating solar power plant using solar panels on the Petenwell Lake and provide a solution to the phosphorous and algae problem that has plagued the lake for years.  Friday evening, April 19, 2013, Murphy will give a GEITS summary report at the Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards Meeting being held at the Adams Community Center.