The mayor of Adams has accepted a position at Global Environment Infrastructure Technology Solutions, also known as GEITS. Mayor JanAlyn Baumgartener will be working in the company’s Public Policy and Government Relations area. She says it was a hard decision, but it was something that needed to happen. “We want this to happen and we want this company to be successful and there aren’t a whole lot of people stepping up to do the hard stuff,” said Baumgartener. City Administrator Robert Ellisor said that the city council looked into the legalities of Baumgartener still serving out her term as mayor. The attorneys at Davis and Kuelthau wrote in a letter that under the common law principal of compatibility of offices, Baumgartener would be able to serve out her term as long as she follows Section 946.13 of the Wisconsin Statues. This means that Baumgartener could not engage in certain mayoral activities related to GEITS. She would have to delegate any GEITS-related task, so to avoid any conflict of interests. Council Member Bill Keirstyn supports Baumgartener. He said, “The biggest thing that everybody has to understand is that we don’t want to lose any traction. We want to keep going with this project.” The mayor says that the process will be like a check and balance system with the council helping her along the way.