An Adams woman has been referred to the District Attorney’s office on a charge of forgery.  Adams Police Chief Todd Hanson said, “in September 2012 a Friendship man had work done on his stove by Esser Appliance of Adams.  The man wrote a check to the business for the amount of the repair work.  The man later discovered the check had been altered by an additional $300 and a copy of the check revealed the name of Monica Esser.  Esser was arrested, transported to the Adams County Jail, and released on bond.  In mid-October 2012 additional charges of issuing worthless checks, misuse of credit cards, and violation of bond had also been referred to the D.A.’s office.  According to Chief Hanson, Esser had allegedly wrote two checks to Associated Bank in the Town of Rome on a Closed Account from First Bank of Oconomowoc.  Esser also used charge card numbers from two of her customers to pay the business’ vendors.  At this point, police then got Monica Esser’s husband involved in the investigation.  He recently learned his wife had not paid any state or federal taxes and informed Chief Hanson that he would be hiring a lawyer and closing Esser Appliance doors.  Chief Hanson said, “my department is also working with the Mauston PD regarding Esser issuing a $400 worthless check to a Mauston business, Rocky Rentals.  As of Wednesday evening, Esser was in the Adams County Jail on a $1000 cash bond.”