On Thursday, September 9th, a prisoner confined to the Juneau County Jail created a disturbance.
Lucas W. Nielsen, 36, of Necedah has been charged with Throwing/Expelling Bodily Substances and is a repeat offender. Nielsen was convicted prior on July 3rd, 2018 in Trempealeau County for Battery By Prisoner.
A deputy working in the jail was helping in medical when a second deputy said that an inmate would like to speak about an incident that occurred earlier in the day.

When the deputy arrived at the inmate’s cell, Nielsen was heard yelling at the inmate, calling him a “snitch.” The inmate said that Nielsen had walked up to his cell during his hour out with a cup in his hand. He proceeded to throw the contents, soaking the bed and getting it on the floor. The inmate said the liquid was urine.
Video footage confirmed Nielsen urinated in a cup. This has not been the first issue with Nielsen doing such an act. Nielsen denied he did not do anything when interviewed by the deputy and would not speak without a lawyer present.