Ryan G. Cloud, a 29 year old Wisconsin Dells man has been charged with Failing/Reporting To Jail.
A lieutenant of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office had been given Judgements Of Conviction to review for lack of compliance. The lieutenant noticed that Cloud had been ordered to report to jail on a date set forth by a probation agent. That date was on or before September 30th, 2021.
The lieutenant checked recent booking records as well as any status change on Cloud’s service since the last court date but could not locate one. Another system determined that Cloud was currently incarcerated in Jackson County for his 5th offense Operating While Under The Influence charge.
When speaking to Cloud’s probation officer, the agent said that the last time he talked with Cloud, he was not incarcerated and knew to report on or before September 30th. The conviction remains of record and unreversed.