On September 19th, Wisconsin State Troopers were informed of complaints about a vehicle with inconsistent speed, near crashes, and swerving . The complaints started at the 167 mile marker on I-39/90 northbound in Rock County.
The driver was Merieal M. Tolbert, a 28 year old male from Chicago, Illinois.
Troopers found the vehicle after Tolbert passed their position and matched plate descriptions. Troopers conducted a traffic stop after seeing Tolbert weaving in the lane he was traveling in. The stop was in the town of Orange out of Juneau County.
Tolbert did not have a driver’s license and proof of insurance and admitted the vehicle was his friend’s. Due to complaints, Troopers asked if Tolbert had drugs in the vehicle. He said he did not but later confirmed a small amount of marijuana was in the center console and he smoked two hours prior to driving.

A sheriff from the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department arrived to provide help with searching the vehicle. Several glass containers with marijuana were found. Tolbert was escorted to the Juneau County Jail.
The next day, a stolen vehicle hit was received with the same VIN numbers as the one Tolbert was driving. The owner said the vehicle was stolen out of Chicago. Tolbert has been charged with Taking And Driving A Vehicle Without Consent, Possession Of THC, and Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.