Sarah Ann Shanahan sits alone with moderator Leah Luke and Chris Zindorf of the Juneau Action Group


A disappointing 5oth Assembly District candidates forum was held Tuesday evening at the Mauston High School auditorium.  Only one candidate attended, Democratic challenger, Sarah Ann Shanahan.  The others, incumbent Assemblyman Republican Ed Brooks, Libertarian challenger Ben Olson, and write-in candidate Nathan Johnson were no-shows.  Shanahan had the stage to herself.  When asked, why do you want to represent the 50th Assembly District?  Shanahan responded, “I’m disappointed in the current representation. Rep. Brooks is a nice guy, but just sort of goes along to get along and just pretty much follows party lines.  I think people here are much more independent minded and expect their representative to be too.”  The 50th Assembly District candidates will face off Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, in the Fall General Election.