Juneau County Coroner Kathy Kohutko gave her 2012 Coroner’s Report to the County Board Tuesday morning.  The Coroner’s Office investigated 131 deaths last year.  There were 19-accidental deaths which included 1 fire fatality, a boating fatality, 6-traffic deaths, and an ATV fatality.  There was one suicide by gunshot and one homicide, a heroin overdose.   The suicide was a 41-year old man who died at UW-Hospital two days later.  In May 2012, he left his home in the 1000-block of West Street in the Village of Necedah, went into the woods in the backyard, and shot himself with a .40-caliber handgun.  The heroin death was 24-year old Samantha Funk of Mauston.  A Portage man, 23-year old Andrew Hayes, has been charged in her death under the Len Bias Law.