A two-semi accident occurred near Oakdale in Monroe County late Wednesday afternoon.  The State Patrol said, “at 5:30pm an Illinois driver, 26-year old Jonathan Andersen, was traveling east on Interstate 90/94 and made a non-emergency stop at mile marker 51.5.  Andersen then entered the right lane of traffic at 20-miles per hour with its hazard lights activated in front of a semi traveling 60-miles per hour being operated by a Texas man, 47-year old Khaled Ahmad Al-Kurdi.  Al-Kurdi attempted an evasive maneuver, but struck the left-rear corner of Anderson’s trailer.  The impact separated the cab from the frame of Andersen’s semi.  Al-Kurdi was medically transported to Tomah Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injures.  Law enforcement action is pending completion of the investigation.”